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Upcoming Workshops


What is Plain Language? What does the Plain Writing Act require of federal agencies? What about the private sector? Are there rules to follow or just best practices? This interactive workshop will cover the basic principles of clear communication tailored for a specific audience, purpose, and context. Participants will identify problems with and make revisions to brief examples. We will work our way through a "top 11" list of characteristics of un-plain writing. $40


​Learn how to create and update a federal resume for USAJOBS. Gain a better understanding of who the readers are, what they are looking for, and how to show them you are the person for the job. $40



So...you don't remember those grammar rules you learned back in middle school? Grammar and punctuation mistakes can make a big (negative) statement. This course offers a look at some root causes to common trouble spots and practical tips for reaching readers with professional prose. $50

Communication Services


Contact us for customized workshops to meet the needs of your entity, whether private company, government agency, bank, or corporation. Sample list of other workshops available: 

Communication Fundamentals
  • Emergency Grammar Review - Common Trouble Spots

  • Don't Hit SEND...Yet!--Effective Email Writing

  • Word Processing Basics and Intermediate Tips

  • Plain Language: Clairity and Concision

  • Plain Language: Coherence and Organization

  • Plain Language: Choosing Your Words

Communicate to Build Your Career
  • Resume Review and Update (Federal or Private Sector)

  • Executive Core Qualifications: Introduction and Getting Started

  • Executive Core Qualifications: Drafting in Essay and Resume Format 

  • Public Speaking Public Freaking?--Principles of a Good Brief

  • Effective Presentation Visuals

  • Performance Appraisal Writing

  • Performance Debriefing with Grace

  • Performance Plan Writing

Executive Support and Technical Writing
  • Translating Your Work for non-Specialists 

  • Definitions. Descriptions. Processes.

  • Writing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

  • Writing to Show Impact

  • Notetaking, Talking Points, and Writing for Your Boss

  • Executive Summaries 

  • White Papers

  • Academic Writing versus Workplace Writing

Custom Training Sessions 


Contact us for custom training for your corporate or government agency specific needs.